The Nowbody brand is NOT about 6 pack abs and sexy bikinis. However that may be your ultimate goal. So many of us, myself included have had several negative experiences in our lives that has caused us to make bad decisions and alter our "life's path"

As these experiences build up, your once positive outlook on life causes many of us to self destruct for literally decades. Some people start smoking during the stress of exams in High School or College. Some woman gain weight after the stress of giving birth and raising their first child like "super mom"..

Others give up completely because they are Uber Ambitious and put unrealistic expectations on themselves which only leads to certain failure and negative and destructive thought patterns.

Our outer shell, is a direct reflection of who we are internally. Nowbody.com is about fixing that outer shell and spiritual inner being through positive re enforcement, education, exercise and by being surrounded by people who lift you up rather than bring you down.


Use our proprietary LipoXplus

Our unique & all natural product will completely supress your appetite for junk food. To see a demo of why this all natural product is so effective click here.

Increase your protein intake.

Protein builds lean muscle and explodes the fat buring process. You need to get at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight to reach your goals.

Train just 1 to 7 minutes a day 3x a week

Our workouts are highly efficient and can be completed in 1 to 7 muntes a day 3 times per week. Yeve and I never train more.. EVER. Neither do our clients.

Use LipoXplus to boost your metabolism and supress your appetite

Clinically Proven

Numerous studies have proven that the proprietary blend of active ingredients in LipoXplus will help you lose weight, lower bad cholesterol and helps to prevent & even manage blood sugar diabetes. Researchers conducted an independent clinical study on LipoXplus exclusive formula, and found that not only did the participants lose weight, but they had better energy & those who were type 2 diabetic had better overall A1C scores!! Our participants were not asked to change their daily lifestyle, meaning they were not asked to change what they ate or how they exercised.

Safe, All Natural & Effective!

LipoXplus has helped countless people reach their weight loss goals without harmful side effects. Many experienced a better natural energy high.. We have no stimulants means NO jitters or crashes. The active ingredients in LipoXplus are found in nature, not in a chemist's lab so you can feel good about what you are putting into your body!


The absolute truth is.. And deep down you know it to be true, there are plenty of what I like to call “Gods Ingredients” that are found naturally in and grow on mysterious places on this earth..

NO.. says the drug companies!! WHY? Because if it grows from the ground it’s not a drug and it cant be patented..

No Patent.. NO BILLIONS of dollars to be made!!

Its sad but true.. Healthcare is not about health, its about making billions of dollars off people who have been brainwashed that the only thing they can do to fix their health is pop this or that drug!!

Now.. I am well aware that I have to be careful.. YES there are some drugs like anti biotics that have saved billions of lives.. So there is a place for drug and medicine in todays society..

But.. we have an alternative proprietary solution that is all natural, drug free and stimulant free that has been scientifically proven to:

Help you lose bodyfat and inches everywhere.

Lower Cholesterol.

Manage Diabetes & blood sugar.

To keep your heart healthy as you age..

Increase your Protein

Most people fail because they simply can't get their head around "eating more" will help them lose weight. They stay on their "calorie restricted diet"..
They starve and they fail with a massive rebound!!

You need at least a bare minimum of 1 gram per pound of bodyweight in protein. If your ideal bodyweight for a man is 190 lbs you need a minimum of 190 grams a day.
If your idea bodyweight at a femal is 145lbs you need a minimum of 145 grams pf protein a day..

This is where as I said most people fail bad. They say they are eating enough protein but when I analyze what they are eating it is more like 30 g of protein a day..

Trust me it works!!! Big time & Every time!!

workout just 1 to 7 minutes a Day 3 times a week.

The Now Body health and fitness program allows you and up to 4 more of your friends or family achieve your health and fitness goals together. 

Through high intensity yet very short duration exercise you will never be training more than 1 to 7 minutes a day three times per week to achieve your maximum health and wellness results.
Even though Yeve and I train EXACTLY the same way our results are completely different. She looks sexy and feminine and she lifts heavy weights..

Most say..

That simply can not be enough.. but look at the NowBody Founder Joel Therien at 49 years old. YES his results are extreme, you do not need to look like he does, but he has been training no more than 7 minutes a day 3x per week for the past 25 plus years..


Yevgenia Antonova

I incorporate NowBody into my everyday lifestyle. The workouts are amazing and I absolutely love my results! The NowBody supplement line is all that I include into my fitness program. With the awesome pricing and super fast shipping I will go no place else. Thank you NowBody.

John Berger

I have been lifting weights for pretty much all my life. The way NowBody breaks everything down, even the new person at the gym can get the head start. It's a top notch program with the ultimate in supplements. They carry a simple line that is absolutely needed. Nothing more and nothing less. My results speak for themselves.

Justin Therien

The NowBody system is all I have ever used. For twenty-one years of age and placing consistently on top in my devision. I would use nothing else. The NowBody system and supplement line have definitely helped me achieve many goals. Thanks guys!